Saturday, May 08, 2010


We have not been updating the blog for a while, partly due to being busy and partly due to Jamie's age. Jamie is quite capable of reading and therefore we did not feel it was fair to document everything in a place that classmates could access.

Jamie changed schools in late January after our trip to Switzerland (he loved the modified cardboard box, deep box on snowblades). Jamie's new nursery started him on the Oxford reading tree books at stage 5 to assess his level - he started at stage 5 in March so he could be introduced to the characters. Two months later and he has reached the end of stage 7 - we get a new book every couple of days. Jamie is limited both by his slow speech and the need for sips of water every couple of pages. He clearly reads faster than he can say words out loud and is currently about half way through year2 - we have pre school nursery, reception year (he will start reception in September this year), year1 then year2.

We have an new standing frame and walker. Jamie had a new hip xray and this time the staff knew what they were doing and the result is a little better. Both boys were ill during April and we had a horrible Easter. We get no therapy input from the hospital team as the sessions clash with horse riding but Jamie still goes to Smiley Steps.

Isaac has lots of new words and a few phrases including the accurate 'a mess' after he has eaten! He got asked by a cashier if he was a monkey and replied 'ook ook'.

We exhaust ourselves from time to time at soft play - pick up child, climb to top of big slide, go down big slide, repeat for another hour and a half. Antony has to make snacks all day as at mealtimes Jamie is eating his food then declaring 'want some of yours Daddy'.

We have obtained planning permission for the garage to be converted into a much needed wetroom and downstairs bedroom but our next door neighbour sent us a solicitors letter to do with covenants on our estate so we cannot build it yet.

We are replying to emails and we are both on facebook.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Jamie

This is the lovely cake that Taryn made for Jamie's 4th birthday - Jamie and the kids at his party really liked it and it was very yummy :-)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

4 today!

Jamie turned four today and he loved seeing his friends. He went to Smiley Steps this morning and we took a little cake, then late afternoon/early evening we had a party at the local soft play place with a beautiful Bob the Builder cake made by Taryn.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Different scales

We took Jamie to the local hospital today and he had a standard weight and height check, this time he weighed 13.7 kilos (much better if this is accurate) and was over 94cms (just a fraction longer). They were a little confused by me saying 'he cannot sit' as the scales had a chair, he ended up balanced precariously as he is too long for baby scales. He had an x-ray (and he and Antony saw the picture after so he did not mind) . We are trying to get him tested as we think he has some food intolerances, blood tests are next, won't be fun trying to straighten his arm and keep it still.

Jamie is quite strong, yesterday he was trying to extend and we tried to stop him and it takes a lot of energy. Don't go to the gym for toned arms, just play with Jamie for a bit.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Jamie likes to makes us laugh if he can and he has been repeating a comment he made to Vicky recently 'I am not 21 and I am not a liar!' Vicky has been claiming for several years that she is still 21 and Jamie had taken to saying 'Auntie Vicky is a liar' if he heard her. To be fair, Vicky gets asked for ID a lot.

Colin has been upgraded to a piece of furniture in Isaac's eyes, he sits on people he is comfortable around (when he is not climbing / running / hiding in toy boxes).

Antony took Jamie to London for an eye appointment this week. He had to convince them to test Jamie with letters rather than pictures as he cannot always make sense of the line drawings but loves reading. New glasses soon when we get out with the prescription - maybe after Christmas? Jamie's last day at nursery school this term ended up being Tuesday (as a shepherd) as school was closed Friday. He also had a party cancelled on Saturday and a hospital appointment postponed.

Our boys have seen snow and are not put off. Switzerland next month!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bye C2

If you visit there will be room to park, Antony sold our C2 this afternoon. I am a bit sad as I loved driving it, it just wasn't practical with two children. Hopefully whoever buys it from the dealer will use it - since I left work we have not needed the car.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Lost weight :(

We saw the consultant for a routine appointment today and Jamie was weighed and measured. He was 93.8 cm short (he is officially of short stature). Even though Jamie was wearing thick winter clothes and only took off his shoes, compared to the summer when he was not wearing much (vest & shorts?) he has lost weight. The consultant was not bothered by Jamie's weight today as he is still on the chart but in June he was either 12.9 or 13 kilos whereas today he weighed 12.4 kilos. Not a surprise as I thought I could feel his ribs more but Jamie cannot afford to lose weight.

We took the boys to see Santa yesterday after a ride on little train. Jamie spoke to Santa but Isaac took one look, cried and ran off! He was okay last year though.